Jeff floating through the air as an astronaut drawing.

About Jeff

I’m a product designer living in Boulder, Colorado. I design beautiful, functional interfaces that better people’s lives. I’ve spent the last 6 years across the different surfaces of digital design—user research, native mobile design, UX and visual design, applying these approaches to problems of all different shapes and sizes.

I’m also a creative generalist. Outside of work, you’ll find me telling stories through various creative mediums, whether it’s through painting or drawing, playing the piano, photography, or even shoemaking.

Moments of work

I’m fortunate to have experienced product agencies and in house, working with both enterprise and consumer-facing companies alike.

Moments of play

Collage of Jeff running, rowing, biking and climbing
Gravel Biking
Former Lightweight Rower @ UPenn, two-time National Champion, and 100k Lightweight Rowing World Record holder. Now that I live in Boulder, my pursuit of movement is focused less on fitness or external competition, but instead on finding flow.
Collage of Jeff's creative artwork and piano
Shoe Making
Painting and Drawing
As a child of immigrants, I never thought I could do something creative for a living. I’m lucky to not only be able to do so, but to also continue creating in my life outside of work, whether that’s through instruments, paint brushes, a camera lens, and more.
Collage of Jeff's travels
Road Trips
Buster (Dog)
I try to break out of the cycle of monotonous routine by traveling to different places, by plane, van, or truck camper. When road tripping, my dog Buster almost always comes with. We’ve driven across the US many times—some of our favorite places include Sedona, Moab, and Revelstoke (BC).
supportive hand

Moments for giving back

As a self taught designer, I wish I had mentors to guide me when I was first starting out. If you're looking for someone who was once in your shoes, I'm here to help. You can book some time with me via ADPList.
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