Jeff Wang

I’m a multidisciplinary product designer and creative generalist.

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I blend product strategy, interaction, visual design and motion prototyping to deliver research-validated solutions. I’m currently leading a team of designers & researchers to pioneer creative learning experiences at Studio.
For every portfolio there’s an untold story. I’m the middle child of first-generation Taiwanese immigrants, and I never thought I could be doing something creative as a profession.
In fact, I didn't study design formally in school. I'm a self taught designer that accidentally stumbled into the world of design in 2015.
From there on out, I spent every hour outside of the classroom learning about product design, user research and front end development. I was obsessed.
That obsession has been fueling both my professional and personal pursuits, and it's turned me into the generalist I am today.
Below are a few highlights of my design career thus far. I specialize in product design, but I thrive in environments that tap into my interdisplinary ethos. Enjoy.
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Select Work

Peer feedback

Nudging students to give better feedback

I redesigned our feedback mechanics increasing the average length of feedback by 38% and feedback comment submission by 58%.
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Monthly plus membership

Driving retention through membership

I led design on Monthly Plus—a membership that allows students to continue their creative journeys with classes at half off. Our music vertical saw conversion rates as high as 24%.
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monthly dot com

I led the design for our front door, which see hundreds of thousands of views from unique visitors each month.
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I led design on this net new product experience: Monthly Challenges—a way to stay creative and accountable after taking a Monthly class.
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The Archive

These are older projects & contract gigs that I’ve also had my hands on.


Hashflow is the most powerful DeFi trading experience, featuring tight spreads, zero slippage and more. I had the opportunity to work with the founder to redesign their trading terminal.


Stream provides feed and chat APIs that powers a web and mobile applications used by over a billion end users. My time there was focused primarily on designing their SDK page, as well as additional visual design assets.


Alliant Credit Union is a Chicago based credit union. I single handedly redesigned their native mobile platform, which resulted in an increase to 4.7 stars over 5000+ reviews in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Regal Cinemas

Regal operates the second-largest theater circuit in the United States, with over 7,200 screens in 549 theaters. I led the redesign of their loyalty program, which resulted in an increase to 4.7 stars over 40,000 reviews across both the App Store and Google Play Store.